Working on value system has been the matter of discussion across different culture. Reason behind that it is value which drives behavior and influences the choice of an individual. It gives ability to decide what is good or bad, constructive or destructive and most importantly what is desirable. Values are answer to most of the queries related to human behavior. From diverse classification of values like moral, religious, cultural, social and family, combination of all these decides character and personality of an individual.

But inculcating these value systems asks for intervention at early childhood. Although most of the schools round the globe have introduced value education in their curriculum but it is not the subject which could be taught to a growing child like subject books. Children learn it through their parents and peer group. But most importantly, selection of their peer groups also depends on the value they got from their parents. If a child is being nurtured with anger, anxiety and low self esteem, these values will be reflected from his behavior. If the growing child is cherished and attended emotionally are likely to be empathetic to others. These value systems are not taught to child by making them sit in a classroom rather articulating these behaviors by parents themselves. As children follow our behavior how we do and act, it is necessary for parents or caregivers to make these values as part of their daily life. We can’t teach a child by screaming to speak soft rather we will have to be soft in speaking to make them learn such behavior or value system. An unconscious act or behavior of parents or caregivers is followed by the child consciously.

Rather than delivering lecture on developing value system, create an environment for. Appreciate and reward the child if he/she is displaying your expected value. If it is against your expectation, you should have strong reason to explain. Honesty, punctuality, respect, sympathy are some common values which should reflected from your behavior, consciously or unconsciously. Children’s initiatives must be encouraged towards budding values.


Author is an Educationist, Author, Motivational Speaker and Founder Director: KIDZ aura Playschool, a proposed chain of 5500 + Playschools. He can be reached at and call +91 8932804640

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