We strive to encourage our students to feel pride in their appearance. Our uniform dress code helps them to focus on what is appropriate attire for school and reflects their identity, unity and spirit of our students.

All uniform items may be purchased from school itself. There are the times throughout the years the children have the opportunity to come in colourful dress on special occasions like Holi Celebration, Deepawali Celebration, Janmashtami celebration, Children’s Day, Saraswathi Puja. On this occasion they are still expected to wear clothing that is suitable for school. We rely heavily on the support and encouragement of parents in seeing that this expectation is met.

A written excuse must be presented to the school office if it is necessary for a child to be out of uniform at any time. Students who continue to disregard the dress and uniform code of the school will be subject to disciplinary action.

We follow the practices of punctuality very strictly and expect same from parents to follow the schedule. Academic calendar is published in the very beginning of the session and shared with all parents so as to prepare themselves for time management.