Different aspects of Early Childhood Education (ECE) is been discussed through previous blogs. Today we will look into different myths persisting about ECE and its fact. Even in this hi-tech era where most of the logic are research based, a large section of parents are still of the opinion that preschools are meant for time pass for growing child. They consider it just a play area for children middle income group family. These people develop a pre conceived notion that playschool is a place where late bloomers are sent to flourish.

But the study had done on several parameters of growing children have proved that if growing children are introduced to preschool with standard specifications, they develop better social and cognitive skills irrespective of their family background. Another misconception about preschool is that it is mostly considered as launching pad for formal education while it is already established that 75% of brain of a child is developed by the age of 5 years. So preschools with high standard are best place to develop social and cognitive skill of a child. Scientifically designed curriculum and professionally trained teachers make all these happens at a standard preschool like KIDZ aura. A set of parents are of opinion that preschools are just for money making. As a child we were not exposed to preschools, why should we bother for our child. But the fact is that a large portion of children who have not attended preschool, not able to develop their skills properly and make them ready for formal education. This can be understood from the study that a large proportion of children from well off family got their cognitive and social and skills more developed. Reason is quite obvious. Most of the children from well off family have attended a standard preschool.

It is already established that a standard playschool has a lot to offer to a growing child in his overall development so KIDZ aura preschools. Waiving all the myths associated with ECE, KIDZ aura is moving ahaead with its noble mission. It provides in depth training to all teachers across its franchisee and operational guideline so that a well defined standard could be maintained at its entire centers with a mission to prepare value enriched global child.

Author is an Educationist, Author, Motivational Speaker and Founder Director: KIDZ aura Playschool, a proposed chain of 5500 + Playschools. He can be reached at and call +91 8932804640

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