Every child is unique in his/her own. It is very irrational to compare a child with others. It is very easy to grade a child in comparison of others but equally difficult to nurture their latent potential and interest. Not all the child is rich with same attribute but every child has something different which need to foster.
Some child may be good at sport, some at dance. Some may be good in music some in study but pushing them for achieving only study goal irrespective of their potential may lead them for nothing along with spoiling their natural skills. If you feel that your child is doing well with sports, enjoy and promote his skill. This is a bit tough decision for parents including me but let your child spend more time on sports to nurture his skills. It is most important to know the hidden talent of your child at early age, prepare a vision accordingly that where do you want to see your child after 15 or 20 years or so. During school days it is very hard for children to adjust time between his school time, self study time, hobby time and family time but as parent we can help our child in time management by prioritizing the agenda.
Children develop their passion from early age. Sometime it is god gifted some time sparked by parents by creating a suitable environment. In this era of reality shows on television we see, how 4 or 5 year child set the stage on fire by his dance or 8-10 years of child presents song to make audience stunning. Parents of these children are best example what miracle could be done by identifying the passion and latent potential of their child and nurture them. In entire process of nurturing support of parents works more than push. When as a parent we support our child, we nurture their passion but when we push them, we want to make our wish come true through our child. It is advised to parents to provide unconditional support to their child’s potential and latent skill. This support should be outcome resistant of your child. Even if your child fails, you need to make your support more firm so that your child could not lose his self confidence. If it is done, children would become able to manage their emotions attached with their failure and success which is necessary to waive any feeling of stress or anxiety associated with their result. So parents need to recognize their child’s passion and value them as well. Ai KIDZ aura Playschools we recognize your child’s passion and support them to bloom at its full.

Author is an Educationist, Author, Motivational Speaker and Founder Director: KIDZ aura Playschool, a proposed chain of 5500 + Playschools. He can be reached at ajit15a@rediffmail.com and call +91 8932804640



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