Workshop on Child Sex Abuse

A workshop on child sex abuse was organised at school where leading pediatrician Dr Ajit Singh and Dr Ashu Singh interacted with parents and demonstrated how to educate children about protect themselves from threats of being sexually abused. Prior to that Behavioral Trainer Ajit Kumar Singh made pre

Playschool aura with KIDZ aura

Undoubtedly kids’ years are golden years of life. As a parent, we do realize it and plan best for our child. In this course of action, one of the most important decision is selection of a right preschool which provides facility of playschool, nursery and kindergarten. This is because preschool

Positive Reinforcement

Last week I met a mother of my nursery student who was very much worried about her child. She was annoyed with hyperactivity of her child, ignorant and some socially unaccepted behavior. While got feedback from his class teacher, found him most active child. Mother was embarrassed because the child

Hello Parents!

We are glad to announce that Kidzaura has been working towards establishing a chain of over 5500 schools all over India. This is a mission of team of academicians to make India the global super power by providing world class education with values to our young kids and children. The chain of schools