As discussed earlier, Franchisee Business Model of a playschool is emerging as an ideal choice for young and other entrepreneurs as this sector has very low probability to fall under recession. Low investment and fair ROI has always been its fascination.

In term of business it is very sound on other hand it brings immense satisfaction by nurturing tender hearts. It is already established that 75-80% of brain of a child develops by the age of 6 years. Means whatever impressions are made during this period, it remains for his / her life. Moreover there are some studies which have established that there is direct relationship between level of early childhood education and later life. It is also seen in practical that a poor reader in his early education remain poor in his secondary education as well. Some studies have also shown that children got good standard of early childhood education, probable more success rate in their life.

So the person, who gets themselves involve in early childhood education business, is directly contributing to develop future manpower and build a strong nation. This level of satisfaction is incomparable. Means putting oneself in playschool business brings both monetary and non-monetary reward. To run such a business in professionally organized manner it is advised to take franchisee of a brand which not only maintains at par standard but also gives flexibility to bring some other innovative idea towards brand building of the associated playschool.


Author is Educationist, Motivational Speaker and Founder Director: KIDZ aura Playschool, a proposed chain of 5500 + Playschools.

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