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Franchising business model is gaining much importance in recent era. Although, it is more than 150 years old business module but success stories of KFC, Mc Donald, KIDZEE, ICA, Apollo Clinic to name a few which have established themselves as trend setter in India. As per National Sample Survey, 51% of Indian workforce is self employed while only 15.6% have salaried employee, Franchisee Business Model holds immense opportunity for small investors.

With increasing trend of self employment and Skill India Movement, more and more youths are moving towards self employment. It is a good indicator of any rapidly developing economy. In India, Franchisee model is now treated as one of the most suitable business model. With ever increasing media penetration at lowest strata of society, people are getting aware of brands and started recognizing brand value. This mindset has given an added advantage to Franchisee Business Model.

Indian education sector is at the crucial stage of its growth. With growing economy and increasing per capita income, spending on education is increasing continuously. The unique business nature of Indian education sector is wooing young and other entrepreneurs. Preschool education in India is sub sector of education industry which disguises immense opportunity in Indian market. Here every day some or other schools are opening up but they are bound to face stiff competition with established preschool chain. In devoid of business know how and other technical expertise they are running from pillar to post to get students. As discussed above, branding has become crucial factor, becoming a franchisee of a professionally managed preschool chain is wise decision. As franchisor maintains homogeneity across all its center and maintain their brand value, they support franchisee by all means like marketing support, digital and telemarketing, financial planning, teachers and parents training in order to establish the center. This is meant for mutual benefit. With getting good no of students where franchisee able to generate sound revenue for him while franchisor also get their royalty with increase in their brand value.

If a person has 1500-2000 sq feet of area with 4-5 lakh investment capacity, he/she could start a franchisee of a progressive playschool. As working capital requirement is very thin, Return on Investment is high and it is a recession free industry, starting a preschool franchisee is an ideal substitute of any corporate job.

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