In previous blog post we have seen how Early Childhood Education sector is one of the best self employment opportunities with minimum investment, risk and high ROI. But as every business have some or other challenges, playschools are also not an exception. There are many challenges which emerged out during running a playschool.

We will discuss these issues in depth one by one in coming blogs.

  1. Price sensitive market: As playschool admit children 2 years and above, majority of parents feel that why should they afford high priced playschool just for sake of the playing their little one. They go and inquire into branded as well as professionally unorganized playschools, compare fees and most of them select a playschool nearby their houses. These segments of parents does not understand the importance of early childhood education and just want to make involve their child in playschool as a preparation of formal education.

If we see our nearby, newer and newer playschools are opening up in every colony and most of them get enough child to earn their bread and butter. Parents look for systematic approach adopted by schools but reluctant to pay accordingly. It is due to lack of awareness of parents about importance of elementary education system.

                                                                         Strategy: As a startup playschool, one should keep their fee on at par with competing playschools or even lower side during inaugural year. Make realize the parents how you are different from other playschools in delivering the module to child. Keep on counseling parents on regular interval about your advantages and achievement.

As parents don’t take long on decision making on this issue, word of mouth of other parents works significantly. They become your brand ambassador. At the same time you should maintain your standard in such a way that it reflect strong positive message as soon as parents enter your school campus like cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, layout of front office, trained counselor etc.

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