About us

KIDZ aura™ has been promoted and is being managed by V-ad Learning Services which is an esteemed name in Training & Development and Consultancy Services. It presents a complete child development program which not only meets International standards but also nurtures deep rooted Indian values. This unique program is merged with neuroscientific framework and behavior based theories. This optimal combination provides a powerful perspective in childhood for learning and development. Most importantly, the course is designed by a team of professionals who have core competence and expertise in the domain of Learning and Development process across varied age group.

As most formative years in the brain development in human beings are 0-7 years, early childhood education becomes the matter of vital importance. We put collaborative efforts with parental involvement in every stage of child development to impart social, cultural and family values. KIDZ aura™ is committed at providing proper environment for growing kids. It prepares them for formal education and helps them to communicate better. Ideally we are laying the foundation for holistic development of the kid.

Being in the field of Learning and Development, we do understand that creating an appropriate aura for kids, proper selection of teachers and training is of core importance. That is why not only for kids but for teachers as well, we have conceived the training program so that our professionally trained teachers could create an appropriate environment and help the kids in their holistic learning and development process.

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